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Local Business Ad Pricing

Monthly Ad only $100 per month
Monthly auto-billing available for either 6 or 12 month subscriptions

Six Month Ad: $75 per month
Enjoy savings of $150 with semi-annual billing of $450.

Annual Ad: $50 per month
Enjoy savings of $600 with annual billing of $600.

Bundle Package: 50% OFF a second ad on any SLOHomePage family website
Double your exposure by placing a business ad on and your business coupons on

The above pricing is available for businesses placing their own ad. Placing an ad is easy! Simply register a user account and place your ad with photos in minutes.

For those who would like SLO Homepage to setup your local business ad please email us at or call us at (805)473-5750. SLO Homepage will setup your business ad for a fee of $150.

Want additional exposure for your business? Inquire about our feature ad program. Featured ad placement is limited. For pricing and availability, please email us at or call us at (805)473-5750.

SLO Local Business Ad Features
Local Business Listings include the following:

  • Up to 10 photos or graphics (logo, photos of your business, etc.)
  • Up to 2000 character description
  • Phone and email contact
  • Website Link
  • Virtual Tour Link (where applicable)
  • Complete Address fields
  • Ad Title / Slogan (usually your slogan and/or business name) for additional recognition
  • Account Messaging system
  • Option to purchase Featured or Bolding add-ons for additional exposure
  • One-Click Map & Direction (allows viewers to simple click a button to view a map)
  • Instant emailing, tell a friend feature, add to favorites, sellers other listings, and printer friendly version
  • Printable Flyers and Signs for your distribution
  • Optional Auto-Billing

Submit Local Calendar Events (Free of Charge)
Event listings include the following:

  • 1,000 word description
  • Link(s) to Event website and/or contact email
  • Photo or graphic associated with event
  • Phone, Fax and any additional contact information, where applicable
  • Detailed location information with integrated Google Map View
  • Event is added to our searchable Events Database
  • Viewers can leave comments and reviews of any event
  • Event is added to our Event RSS Feeds
  • Our Events can be synchronized with Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, iCalendar, vCalendar, hCalendar and hCard
  • Quick Links to share event with Twitter,, Furl, Digg, Reddit and more

Ready to Get Started?

Follow these quick instructions to get your account setup and start adding listings. If you'd rather have us handle the details for you, just email us at to setup an appointment or give us a call at (805) 473-5750.

01. Register a User Account
Registration is quick and simple, and anyone over the age of 18 can sign up. Go to Registration to begin | Login

02. Select a Category & Subcategory
Once you have registered, you can login and begin adding listings. After logging into your account, click the "Place an Ad" button. To ensure optimal exposure, be sure to select the appropriate category (local business, business opportunity, non-profit, event, etc.) Under each category you will find subcategories to better organize the listings on our website.

03. Ad Details & Photos
After selecting the appropriate category and subcategory for your advertisement, you will be prompted to provide category-specific information about your ad. ?This information includes fields such as ad title, address, phone, business description, etc. You may also upload photos to compliment your ad. The number of photos allowed depends on the category you are placing your ad.

04. Checkout
Once you have finished entering the details of your ad, you will start the checkout process. Pay for your ad using a major credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and follow the prompts to complete the listing process.

Account Management
To access your account, login with your username and password. You will be taken to the Account Management screen, where you can place a new ad, manage your ads, modify your profile, print signs and flyers, manage your favorites, and set your communication information.

The favorites folder allows a user to save their favorite ads to conveniently view without having to search our database to find them. For instance, if you're watching a particular real estate listing, or want quick access to a local business.

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