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Avila Valley Barn-U-Pick Farm

Fun for the Whole Family!

560 Avila Beach Drive
Avila Beach, 93405
Second phone:

Among locals, a smile forms on the face when Avila Valley Barn is mentioned. It is a favorite spot to stop off and get ice cream on the way to or from Avila Beach, to buy the freshest fruit and vegetables grown locally, pick up a bakery treat or gift item, or just to take the kids to visit our farm pets or go for a hay ride and pick fresh produce for the first time.

Tourists have also discovered our warm and welcoming vine-covered arbor and barns nestled amongst the hills of Avila Valley. Its inviting atmosphere, which hails back to simpler times, will call you back again and again. Avila Valley Barn is open from May through December and has much to offer throughout its season.

We have picnic benches and tables for you and your family to relax and enjoy your treats from our bakery with a fresh cup of coffee or fresh-pressed apple cider. Or, maybe you'll enjoy just sitting a while to savor some of our homemade ice cream or candy. How about pie a la mode- a perfect combo from our bakery and sweet shoppe! During the summer, we also roast our own home-grown corn on the cob with creamy, melted butter; a treat not to be missed. And, on weekends, you can enjoy a free hay ride to pick seasonal fruit and produce.

In addition to our seasonal "u-pick" produce, we also have many other seasonal events and items you won't want to miss. In the fall, we always have a hay maze that delights children of all ages. And, our pumpkin season offers the best pumpkins in size and variety there is to choose from on the Central Coast. The Barn literally overflows with a wide variety, size, shape and color of pumpkins; a sheer delight to the eye. Not enough to choose from? Try hopping on our free hay ride trip on weekends out to the pumpkin patch- there's bound to be just the right one waiting for you! There are also bouquets of fall leaves, Indian corn and gourds to choose from for home holiday decorating.

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