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Concrete & Asphalt Recycling Center

2280 Hutton Road
Nipomo, 93444

Since 1995 the Troesh's recognized the need for a regulated location to dump and recycle used concrete and asphalt. In 2002, the owners developed the dumping site and since then over 300,000 tons of concrete and asphalt waste have been diverted from our landfills and recycled into a high performing alternative base material.

RoXsand is making a big impact on the environment. By taking non-degradable material from the public, landfills use is minimized. Using recycled base fulfills the California Integrated Waste Management Act (50% diversion mandate) and helps reduce costs on projects because recycled materials use 15% less volume than virgin materials.

There are many reasons to recycle at RoXsand:

1. Using recycled products reduces dependency on virgin materials

Ensures that precious landfill space is not taken up by non-degradable material

2. Our dumping fees are less expensive than those charged at landfills

3. We are conveniently located right off the freeway, away from homes and schools.

4. Our material meets and exceeds State of California Requirements.

Many people don�t realize that recycling concrete and asphalt helps the environment. We want everyone to know that RoXsand is the place to take your old piles of concrete and asphalt. RoXsand is recycling.

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