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Endermologie Treatment Center of Santa Maria

Beyond Diet & Exercise: Reshape & Contour your Body!

1862 S. Broadway Suite 205
Santa Maria, 93454
Second phone:

LPG Endermologie Cellulite Treatments is the newest noninvasive cellulite treatments available. Endermologie cellulite treatments originated in Europe and are now approved by the FDA for a wide variety of illnesses. This exciting, safe, no-pain treatment can now can give you dramatic improvement in your hips, thighs, and buttocks. Endermologie even works for love handles and sagging tummies -wherever you have the dimples and cottage cheese of cellulite. Since cellulite is resistant to diet, exercise, and even liposuction, this non-surgical, painless, effective process is truly the best treatment for reshaping and contouring the most difficult areas of your body. Endermologie/Lipo massage beyond Diet and Exercise. How does the machine work? The Keymodule's small hand-held, motorised treatment head with specially designed rollers performs the Endermologie treatment. By gently lifting and rolling the skin the Cellu M6 Keymodule stimulates the venous and lymphatic systems thereby eliminating toxins. Fiboblasts are stimulated to the increase collagen and elastin production generating a healthier rejuventated skin tone. The treatment also smoothes the surface of the skin by softening the connective tissue, that anchors the skin, causing the dimples of cellulite. Endermologie treatments involve wearing a body stocking while motorised rollers are gently run over the full length of your body and then concentrated on your problem areas. The controlled suction gently lifts and rolls your skin. Endermologie treatments will deeply massage your affected areas, increasing the cutaneous blood flow by 400 percent (Laser Doppler measurements) and lymphatic flow by 300 percent (Lymphoscintigraphy measurements). Toxins and abnormal fluid retention build up is expelled as connective fibres are stretched and restored.

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